№1-2018 — 02

DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2018-02-01-19-27
Bondareva D. K.
Nature protection activities in the Уenisei province in the late xix century – early xx century
Environmental activities in the territory of the Yenisei province in the late XIX century-early XX century is considered and features of the activity at this stage are analyzed. The process of creation and development of nature protection zones of the Yenisei Gubernia — reserves, lands with relative confiscation, jaeger sites and forestries — is considered. The history of the term «forests» is studied, the differences in its definitions are analyzed in different historical periods. The main problems of nature protection activity in the region at the initial stage at the late XIX century-early XX century are revealed. The Statute of February 15, 1894 «On local management of forests in the Irkutsk Governorate General» is analyzed, the influence of this normative legal act on the personnel structure, the process of formation and further development of the reserves are considered. The formation of nature protection territories is considered from different sides, the issues of seizure of the territory from the use of local population, limitation of forest use are touched upon. The influence on external environmental factors is studied: development of the industrial sector, population growth, railway construction. Attention is paid to raid activities to verify the implementation of regulatory legal acts in the Yenisei province. The process of formation of customized territories and the conditions for the withdrawal of territories from the use of the local population are considered.
Keywords: Yenisei province, forest, Regulation of February 15, 1894 «On local management of forests in the Irkutsk Governorate General», Forestry Corps, audit, forest inventory inspector, Irkutsk general-governorship, forest fires.