About the journal

About the Journal

Full name: «Vestnik Bryanskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta» («The Bryansk State University Herald»).

Short name: «Vestnik BGU» («BSU Herald»).

Academician I.G. Petrovskii Bryansk State University — Federal State-Funded Educational Institution for Higher Education.

Academician I.G. Petrovskii Bryansk State University, Editorial and Publishing Department.

Head of the editorial board: Antyukhov A.V., BSU Rector, Doctor of Philology, Professor.

Editor-in-Chief: Mikhalchenko S. I., Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor. Tel.: Телефон: 8 (4832) 58-05-31, e-mail: gumvest.bgu@yandex.ru.

Founded: 2003

Information about the Journal «Vestnik BGU» («BSU Herald»).

Periodicity: 4 issues per year, 500 copies.

ISSN: 2072-2087 (print); 2413-9912 (online).

Advisory age recommendation: 16 +

Registration certificate number ПИ №ФС77-515557 as of 26.10.2012 issued by the Federal Overseeing Body at the Ministry for Telecom and Mass Communications.

Online subscription to the magazine is available at the subscription index 40705 in
Online catalog «Press of Russia. Newspapers and magazines»

The Journal «Vestnik Bryanskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta» («Vestnik BGU»,«BSU Herald») is a peer reviewed open access journal that follows guidelines set out by Budapest Open Access Initiative. It means that the public is provided an unrestricted access to its contents and it is free for any user or organization. The users are allowed to read, download, distribute, photocopy, print, look up or cite full texts or use them for any legal purpose without the prior consent of the author or publisher.

All articles published in the Journal are distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons – Attribution-Share-Alike (CC-BY-SA) license which allows to redistribute, adapt, build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially, provided an appropriate credit and link to the author is given and contributions are distributed under the same license as the original.

Papers of theoretical, methodological and applied character containing original research material of an author (coauthors), that have not been published anywhere before, are accepted for publication. The submissions have to fall within the scope of the journal under the following topics reflecting the corresponding science fields and specified by

Codification of Researchers:

5.6 Historical Sciences

By the order № 90-р of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation as of December, 28, 2018   the Journal has been included into Higher Attestation Commission (VAK)  listing for the peer-reviewed editions that accept research findings of those seeking to earn PhD or Doctorate degree in the following areas:

5.6.1. – Russian History (Historical Sciences);

5.6.2. – General History (Historical Sciences);

5.6.3. – Archeology (Historical Sciences);

5.6.5. – Historiography, study of sources, theoretical approaches (Historical Sciences);

5.6.7. – History of International Relations and Foreign Policy (Historical Sciences).


The information about published articles is sent to the database of the Russian Science Citation Index: information system Science Citation Index and to an open-access on-line library CyberLeninka (Russia): information system CyberLeninka.

The journal is included in international abstract database Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory (USA).

Metadata articles are transferred to CROSSref, articles international index DOI is assigned.

The journal is registered in the databases:

— Russian index of scientific citing (RISC);

Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory (USA);

— Digital library open access «CyberLeninka» (Russia);

— National digital resource «Rukont» (Russia);

— Electronic library system of Publishing house «LAN» (Russia);

— Index Copernicus International (Poland)

All issues are available on-line. By submitting a paper, an author gives their consent on publishing their article and data on the Journal`s website http://vestnik-brgu.ru which is available both in Russian and English.

The Journal is accepting submissions in Russian, English and German. Papers in Russian include the full text in Russian as well as the title of the article, its abstract and references in English. Papers in English and German require the full text in English and German respectively as well as the title of the article, its abstract and references in Russian.

Manuscript submission guidelines

Peer review policy

All submitted manuscripts are blind peer reviewed by subject specialists and checked with duplication-checking software (for copyright infringement). The review is arranged by the editorial board and is kept stored with the publisher for 5 years. The editorial board sends the corresponding author revision copies if they contain suggestions or any comments or well-founded rejection in publication.

The editorial board makes decision about publication taking into account the revision results on request.

The editorial board sends revision copies to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation on request.

Manuscript reviewing procedure

Manuscripts that satisfy the requirements of the editorial board are to be sent in to: gumvest.bgu@yandex.ru

The journal uses Open Journal Systems 3.0.2, which is open source journal management and publishing software developed, supported, and freely distributed by the Public Knowledge Project under the GNU General Public License.


1. Article Submission: 0.00
Authors are not required to pay an Article Submission Fee as part of the submission process to contribute to review costs.
2. Article Publication: 0.00

PUBLICATION FEES  — The journal does not charge a fee for the publication of the article

Outstanding papers of great scientific significance will be freely accepted by the Editor`s choice. The research carried out by authors from developing countries in the UN listing is published free of charge.

Each article in this journal is licensed under a License Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

Contact information:

Editorial board address: 241036 Vestnik BGU, 20, Bezhitskaya St., Bryansk

Phone/fax: (4832)58-91-28, add. 1118

E-mail: gumvest.bgu@yandex.ru