Main Information

Full name: «The Bryansk State University Herald».

Short name: «BSU Herald».

The founder and publisher: Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education «Bryansk State Academician I.G. Petrovski University».

Head of editorial board: Antyukhov A.V., BSU Rector, Doctor of Philology, professor.

Editor-in-chief: Stepchenko T.A., BSU vice-rector, Doctor of Pedagogics, professor. Tel.: +7(4832) 66-64-42, e-mail:

Founded: 2008.

Periodicity: 4 isuues, 500 copies.

ISSN: 2072-2087.

Registration certificate ПИ №ФС77-515557 at 26.10.2012.

Subscription index in catalogue «Pressa Rossii»: 40705.

Russian Science Index: «BSU Herald».

Articles of theoretical, methodical and applied character containing original research material of an author (coauthors), not edited anywhere before, are published in the journal.


  • 07.00.00 — historical Sciences and archaeology;
  • 08.00.00 – economics;
  • 12.00.00 – law

    There is the full repository on this web-site.


    Adress: 20, Bezhitskaya St., Bryansk, Russia, 241036, Scientific and Methodical Department.
    Tel./fax: +7(4832)66-67-58.