Requirements to Manuscripts

Articles of theoretical, methodical and applied character containing original research material of an author (coauthors), not edited anywhere before, are published in the journal. Articles are submitted to the editorial boards both in print and electronically (in Microsoft Word format). Page margin: left margin — 2 cm, right margin — 2 cm, top margin — 2 cm, bottom margin — 2 cm. The text should be printed in Times New Roman font, 12 pt, single line spacing, indention 1.25cm (A-4 format), center alignment. Pages shouldn’t be numbered.

Articles are formed by editorial boards of series and are submitted to Scientific and Methodical Department for composition. Frequency of issue: No. 1 (January-March), No. 2 (April-June), No. 3 (July-September), No. 4 (October-December).

The volume of articles, as a rule, shouldn’t exceed 12 pages, including the list of references. The list of references should be made in citing or alphabetical order (at the beginning the sources should be in Russian, then in foreign languages). Works of one and the same author should be cited in chronological order irrespective of the presence of coauthors. Literature references in the text of an article should be given in square brackets. Figure and table captions should be printed in Times New Roman font, 12 pt, single line spacing.

It is necessary to specify UDC before the title of an article (at the left). The title of the article is printed in capital letters, bold type (12 pt), center alignment. The author’s initials and surname should be printed two intervals below in bold type (12 pt) with center alignment. The address of the author’s (coauthors’) working place, e-mail is given two intervals below in a usual font (10 pt) with center alignment.

References are made according to GOST (all-Union State Standard) 7.0.5-2008 “System of information, librarianship and publishing standards. Bibliographic reference. General requirements and guidelines». See item 7.4.2.

The summary of the article should not exceed 1200 signs (with spaces) and should be printed two intervals below the address of the author’s working place in a usual font (10 pt) with full justification. At the end of the summary it is necessary to give some keywords (5-7).

All the figures and drafts should be made accurately in the format providing clear understanding of all the details; it especially refers to photocopies and gray-scale drawings. The drawings made in pencil aren’t accepted. Language of figure captions (including units of measure) should correspond to the language of the article. Explaining inscriptions should be replaced with numbers and letters, if possible, and specified in the caption or in the text. We invite the authors, using computer graphics in figures to follow the further recommendations: graphs should be framed; marks on the axes should be directed inside; Times font wherever possible; the height of numbers and small letters should be within 3-4% from the maximum size (height or width) of the figures, which also belongs to the numbers on the axes; units of measurements on the axes of charts should be given in brackets. Tables, figures and captions are located directly in the text.
Vector variables are typed bold in Roman face. All bulky formulas should be printed on separate lines.

Such systems of physical units as SI and CGS electrostatic systems are accepted in the article.

At the end of the article the authors’ initials and surnames, the address of their working place, the summary and the keywords are given in English following the same formatting guidelines as in Russian.

In case the article is written with the support of a grant or on the basis of a report made at a conference, it is necessary to make the corresponding note in the headline of the article.

The authors should enclose information about themselves with the articles sent to the editorial boards: Surname, Name, Middle name, scientific degree, academic status, work place, position, exact postal address, contact phone, e-mail.

Editorial boards submit the received articles for reviewing.

Editorial boards reserve the right to return the article on completion.

Contact information: Address: 14, Bezhitskaya St., Bryansk, Russia, 241036, Scientific and Methodical Department.