№1-2018 — 08

DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2018-02-01-79-86
Komarov S.S.
Political component of the choice of the byzantine model of christianity by the Old Russian state
The author has made an attempt to find out some characteristic features of the political component of the Byzantine model of Christianity which exerted influence on acceptance this very model as the state religion in the Old Russian state.The methodological basis of the research is made by a complex of general scientific methods such as analysis, synthesis, comparison; and special methods — historical and comparative-legal. Unlike the Western model of Christianity – a more centralized and independent system exerting notable impact on the activity of secular governors, the adoption of Christianity of the Byzantine dissent by the Old Russian state caused not only meeting Vladimir’s requirements of a uniform religion, but also promoted other important factors such as autocephaly, prevention of protests and symbiosis with pagan trends.The content of the work can form a basis for further scientific development of the designated perspective. This work is focused on the faculty of the liberal arts colleges, graduate students, external doctoral candidates, course participants and students who are interested in the history of religion, politics and public administration of Russia
Keywords: politics, religion, Christianity, Orthodoxy, Old Russian state