№1-2018 — 13

DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2018-02-01-111-116
Maslova E.A., Ushakova N.V.
The Italian policy in the mediterranean (1st part)
The article is devoted to the role and perspective of relationships between Italy and Libya in regards to the formation of common Mediterranean space. In the last decades the concept of the Mediterranean region has been constantly expanding and has exceeded the geographical boundaries of Mediterranean Sea which has become a multipolar region with multiple key players and competing political programs. Mediterranean policy has always been one of the constants of Italian foreign policy. In this context the relationships between Italy and Libya have a special nature. During its history these relationships have passed not only through dramatic periods but also through active development and strengthening. Last years have seen new challenges for both countries. However, Italy strives for an integrative approach which combines security and solidarity standing out this conception within European Union and globally. Implementation of Italy’s related initiatives has led to positives results, despite objective reasons and tensions in Libya that slow down the process.
Keywords: Italy, Mediterranean region, Libya, common Mediterranean space, Italian foreign policy.