№1-2018 — 17

DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2018-02-01-136-148
Fedosov A.V., Shinakov E.A.
“The beginning of statehood” in western european, american andrussian political (sociocultural) anthropology
The article is dedicated to the most topical and burning problems of the modern political anthropology. Among them are the problem of the ‘lower edge’ between different levels of socio-political organization, the problem of ‘early state’ and its characteristics etc. The necessity of the creation of the common criteria and approaches in the defining the level of society development is stated. Some criteria of the early state, suggested by different Russian and international scientists, are criticized in the article. The author also presents his own view on the problem of early state emergence. As a starting point of any early state the emergence of the inner(including “own” in ethnoconfessional aspect population) exploitation is suggested.
Keywords: political anthropology, political genesis, early state, chiefdom, “lower edge”