№1-2018 — 18

DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2018-02-01-149-156
Fedosova N.A.
Edgar Julius Jung. Biography of the conservative revolutionary
The article tells about the biography of Edgar Julius Jung (1894-1934) – a German public figure, lawyer, journalist, politician of one of the brightest «Conservative revolution» representatives . The life of this amazing man was not in the most peaceful years. He was a participant of war and revolution , fought for bright future of the homeland. E. Yu. Jung was a true citizen of Germany, whose ideology could become an alternative to national socialism. «Conservative revolution» in the person of E. Yu. Jung could find an effective embodiment, as Jung was perhaps the only representative of the «third way» who really took action to implement his idea. Being an ardent patriot and a convinced Catholic, he was not afraid to confront the impending storm of Nazism. Speech about accusing the power of the Nazis in the anonymous surveillance, intimidation of opponents, corruption, which was written by Jung for the government of the Marburg, produced a bombshell, fragments of which hurt the author himself. So at the age of 50 years one of the leading public figures in Germany dies, but his main work “The dominance of the defective » is remained for future generations, it is about the ideas of the thinker and ideologue of the «Conservative revolution».
Keywords: Edgar Elius Jung, «Conservative revolution», history of Germany, Weimar Republic, Franz von Papen, national-socialism.