№1-2018 — 20

DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2018-02-01-164-171
Shendygaev D.I.
The Cardwell reforms and abolition of purchase in British army
This article is devoted to problems of military history of Great Britain. The author tried to analyze and explore influence of military reforms by Edward Cardwell on Army and general level of qualification of British officers. Besides, in the article considers the question of the abolition of purchase in British Army and special aspects of attitude of British society and Officer Corps towards tradition of purchase. The case of reform of the reorganization of the War Office considers specificity of relationships between Commander-in-chief with his people and supporters of reform. In addition, there were exploring the perceptions of military officers on strategic policy and tactics of British Army during the reforms.
Keywords: the Cardwell reforms, the British Army and Navy, abolition of purchase in British Army, British Officer Corps, War Office, Commander-in-chief of British Army.