№1-2018 — 21

DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2018-02-01-172-177
Shinakov E.A., Chubur A.A., Guryanov V.N.
The glass products from the roundabout town of the chronicles Vshchizh on the materials of resconductors excavations 2005-2014.
The article deals with a complex of glass products from the territory of the «roundabout city» (excavations in 2000-2015) in the chronicle town of Vshchizh on the upper Desna (now Zhukovsky district, Bryansk region of Russia). The city for some time served as the center of the specific principality within the Chernigov-Seversky lands. Described groups of jewelry (glass bracelets, glass rings and glass beads of several types) and a few fragments of dishes (lamps-lamps). The features of the complex and typological dating are analyzed. Among the bracelets dominated by colored, there are intertwined varieties. All this is typical for the late stage of the city’s existence (the end of XII — the first half of the XIII centuries). In this Vshchizh complex, is similar to the complexes of Bryansk (Pokrovskaya Gora) and the chronic Trubuch (Sobornaya Gora).
Keywords: Kievan Rus, annalistic city, Vshchizh, glassmaking, ornaments, dishes, security excavations