№1-2018 — 22

DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2018-02-01-178-188
Shuminov N.Z.
The influence of US on the formation and development of the military-industrial complex of  Israel
The article describes the military-industrial complex of the State of Israel: the history of its formation and current state, as well as the influence of the United States on the development of the Israeli military industry. The author considers the main stages of the militarization of Israel, the key point of which is the 1967 war (Six-Day War). From the very beginning of the existence of the young state, the creation of a strong and modern military-industrial complex was a vital goal. Since the early 1960’s military ties between Israel and the United States were actively developed. Significant foundation in bilateral relations in the military sphere between the two countries is the legal basis which is strengthened by new treaties and memorandums at the present stage.
Keywords: military-industrial complex, military industry development, the USA «Weapons crisis», Israel.