№ 3 — 2018 — 10

УДК 930.1


Ismailova Z.A.


Early biography of M.V. Nechkina studied the Kazan scholar A.N. Grebenkina. Her dissertation (1992) highlights the scientific and pedagogical activities of M.V. Nechkina in the early 1920s. This period was decided the key issue in the creative fate of M. V. Nechkina, the choice of a profession. It is reflected in the pages of her diary, which A.N. Greben-kina could not use – at the time when she wrote her thesis, access to The personal Fund of M.V. Nechkina in the ar-chive of the RAS was closed, and it is there that her diary is kept. Therefore, the question about doubt and oscillations M.V. Nechkina in the choice of profession was not disclosed by the researcher. In 1917-1923 M.V. Nechkina showed a deep research interest not only in history, but also in psychology. The desire to learn historical laws through sociological teachings was a characteristic feature of the time, and this explains the interest of the young researcher in psychology and psychiatry. The article examines the dynamics of scientific interests of M.V. Nechkina in 1917-1923, the reasons for her passion for psychology and natural Sciences, as well as the conditions and motives of the final choice of profes-sion, which was made in 1923. In the process of choosing a profession, the formation of the scientific Outlook of the beginning researcher was made. It was formed under the influence of various factors: directions of economic material-ism, scientific-publishing policy of the new government, pedagogical activity of M.V. Nechkina. The author analyzes the mutual influence of these factors and the role of psychology as one of them.

Keywords: Kazan University, profession choice, history, political economy, psychology, psychiatry, histology, natural Sciences.

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