№3 — 2018 — 19

УДК 262.13(456.31)


Shebalina E.O.


The article analyzes the scandal which took place in the Vatican with the Archbishop of Newark, which in its essence has to do with the struggle of conservatives and liberals against Pope Francis and his policy. The author states that the case is another one in a series of problems of this kind and marks a new round of struggle between conservatives and liberals in the Vatican. The incident causes damage to the image of the Catholic Church in general and to Pope Francis in particular. The ambiguous response of the pontiff to the scandal can be explained, on the one hand, by desire to make the church more transparent, on the other, the need to maintain a rigid bureaucratic structure. At the same time, it is determined that Francis remains a pontiff, who made more than his predecessors to make the church more transparent.

Keywords: Holy See, Vatican, Pope Francis, conservatives.

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