Kozhenkov A. V.



The article explores the phenomenon of Monstration, as well as the interpretation of this phenomenon in modern Russian media and the reasons for the participation of ordinary people in the procession. The empirical base of the study is based on materials from various modern Russian media. The question is raised regarding the interpretation of the Monstration phenomenon in various media, about the origins of the dichotomy of views in the modern Russian political field, Monstration’s attitude to formal celebrations in the context of the ideological space, an example of which is May Day. The main theoretical principle is the space of extra-terrestriality proposed by Alexei Yurchak, on the basis of which the dichotomy of views on the Monstration in the modern Russian media is built, as well as the concept of Mikhail Bakhtin regarding the “dual unity” of the displaced positions of the “author” and “hero”, on the basis of which the reasons for the subject’s involvement are revealed into action. The actualization of the study is based on the involvement of subjects of the Russian political field and their interpretation of the phenomenon of Monstration itself. The main research findings are related to the concepts of extra-naval space, dichotomy, dual unity.

Keywords: monstration, outward space, mass media, dichotomy, interpretation, dual unity, authoritative discourse

National Research Tomsk State University (Russia)


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