Lazarenko E. I.



The article is devoted to issues related to the situation of prisoners of war during the First world war on the territory of the Bryansk district of the Oryol province. The relevance of the topic is to compare the current policy towards prisoners of war during the reign of Nicholas II, the Provisional government and Soviet Russia, both in the country as a whole and at the regional level. The article pays special attention to the functions of the competent state bodies and institutions, the problems of compliance with international law, providing clothing, food and other necessary living conditions for prisoners of war in the territory of the Bryansk district. Based on the materials Of the state archive of the Bryansk region, an attempt was made to determine the real situation of foreign prisoners of war at the local level. The author gives a satisfactory assessment of the life of prisoners of war. The Soviet government after coming to power, continued to pursue humane policy toward prisoners of war started the king’s leadership and the Interim government, although the king and the Provisional government paid attention to the nationality of the prisoner of war, and the Soviet – class, loyal to communism. The change of government did not play a special role: difficult working conditions, and a low level of maintenance. But at the same time, in the Bryansk district of the Oryol province, the Soviet government assumed obligations to fulfill social guarantees and help prisoners of war.

Academician I.G. Petrovskii Bryansk State University (Russia)


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