Alfyorova I. V., Troshina D. V.


The article deals with the activity of the delegate meetings as a specific form of work of the Bolsheviks with women activists to prepare them for Soviet work in the 1920s in Bryansk province. According to the documents of the state archive of Bryansk region, some of which were first introduced into scientific circulation, as well as materials of the local periodical press of the 1920s, the history of the formation of work with the female population, the stages of the organizational registration of delegate meetings, their age composition, occupation, nationality, party membership, etc. The interpretation of the problems was carried out in the context of the political unrest experienced by the country in the 1920s. At the same time the authors focused on identifying local peculiarities of the current processes. Such an approach made it possible to identify key factors of economic, ideological and general cultural character that hindered popularization of delegate meetings among the residents of Bryansk region, and also hindered development of social activity of women in general. Thus, the article presents specific cases of opposition from the part of the male population of the province to women activists, indicates unresolved problems in social sphere that did not allow representatives of the female population to fully engage in social and managerial work. The final part of the article gives quantitative data illustrating the process of mobilization of the female electorate in Bryansk province.

Keywords: women’s question, Soviet project, Bryansk province, delegate meetings, agitation and propaganda, everyday practices

Academician I.G. Petrovskii Bryansk State University


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