Tachkova I. A.


The article addresses the main threats to food security. Three aspects of the food problem in modern economic conditions have been identified — achieving food self-sufficiency of the country and its regions, creating favourable conditions for food independence on a global scale, ensuring safety of consumed food for life and health of the population, as well as the environment. It has been revealed that foreign economic policy plays a decisive role in the development of food security of the country and its regions. Socio-economic criteria of food security of the Bryansk region were evaluated: the degree of development of agricultural production and processing industry; The level of consumption of basic foodstuffs in accordance with established physiological standards; Degree of external food pressure; The share of imported food in total consumption patterns; The level of self-sufficiency of in-house products; Economic accessibility and food adequacy for the people of the Territory. It was stressed that the key role in achieving the forecast indicators of growth of the agricultural industry is given to large investment projects, improving the efficiency of agricultural production. The potential of the region to increase self-sufficiency in basic food resources has been revealed. Conditions for increasing the economic availability of food for citizens have been defined and justified — improving the standard of living of the population and reducing poverty, supporting socially vulnerable segments of the population. Import substitution policies have identified key measures to ensure food security at the regional level.

Keywords: food security, threats to food security, agribusiness, import substitution, food self-sufficiency of the region, imports, external food pressure index, economic affordability of food, sufficiency of food consumption.

Academician I.G. Petrovskii Bryansk State University


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