DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2020-04-04-56-72

Erofeeva G. I.


One of the phenomena of Russian culture is the representation of the estate: from the ceremonial residences of the Russian elite to the full symbols and signs of the ‘Silver Age’ buildings. A special place in the typology of Russian estates belongs to highly profitable economy estates, one of which was Brasovo estate of the Apraksins noblemen. Later it passed into the ownership of the Grand Princes George and Mikhail Alexandrovich. The article provides a detailed description of Brasovo estate from the middle of the 18th century to the end of the 19th century. It is based on the little-known documents from the personal fund of the Apraksins noblemen kept in the Department of Manuscripts of the Russian State Library. Owners of wealthy estates were given access to the state-of-art in science, agriculture and industry. They learned about cutting edge ideas for efficient ownership of the estates. Such estates influenced the development of nearby estates. The landowners of these estates could visit influential neighbours and got acquainted with all the novelties. The experience of modern house management often extended to the entire parish and even to the entire governorate in the case with the Apraksins estate in Brasovo. Real experts worked in the estate: Russian scientist and agronomist Ivan Klingen (chief manager in 1906-1913), public figure and chamberlain of the Imperial Сourt, privy counsellor Nikolay Lavrinovsky (chief manager in 1887-1906), marshal of the nobility of Novozybkovsky parish, Sergey Rosenbakh (assistant to the chief governor in 1885–1892) and some others. By the end of the 19th century Brasovo estate became an example of profitable economy. The actuality of the article is also determined by the fact that in 2019 Brasovo estate was included in the ‘Imperial Route’ project which provides scientific research and establishment of the museum.

Keywords: Estate in Brasovo, the Apraksins, the Grand Princes George Alexandrovich, noblemen estates, economic life, the estates- economy, the greenhouses.

Academician I.G. Petrovskii Bryansk State University (Russia)

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