Ashikhmin A.V.

DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2021-05-03-07-15


The article examines some little-studied documents devoted to the state activities of the prince, the chief prosecutor of the Holy Synod, the minister of public education and spiritual affairs, the chief of the postal department A.N. Golitsyn (1773-1844). A brief historiographic review is given in connection with the examination of documentary materials of the Russian State Historical Archive, which are related to the administrative-charitable, administrative-religious and state aspects of A.N. Golitsyn’s activities. The prince was one of the most famous and controversial statesmen of the Russian Empire in the first half of the 19th century, which means that it is important to update his documentary heritage. The figure of A.N. Golitsyn, who have already gained popularity in Russian fiction in the second half of XIX century, is still being actively studied by Russian and foreign scholars both in the traditional «source-studying» context and the «new imperial history» approach. Since the documentary basis, related to the activities of the prince, is stored in various Russian scientific and archival institutions, the article attempts to give a general description of some documents from the founds of the Russian State Historical Archive, revealing the significance of A.N. Golitsyn outside his activities as the chief of the postal department, Chief Prosecutor of the Holy Synod and Minister of Public Education.

Keywords: the prince A.N. Golitsyn, the era of Alexander I, politicians of the first half of the XIX century, archival documents, historiography.

Russian State Historical Archives (Russia)

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