Pronkin S.V.

DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2021-05-03-148-160


The article is devoted to the interaction of the police and the elected bodies of Greater London-its Administration and municipal districts (boroughs) — in ensuring law and order. Both the history of the issue and its current state are touched upon. The foreign experience of interaction of the authorities in the maintenance of public security is of interest to the Russian Federation, which continues to search for effective forms of regional and municipal government, its place in the implementation of state functions. The experience of the United Kingdom is of particular interest in this regard, since in this country, the municipal and regional (self) government has historically developed significantly. The article mainly uses political and legal documents as sources of information. The author concludes that historically municipalities and local social forces played a crucial role in ensuring public security. It was typically for a «small state» with a tiny bureaucratic apparatus. Then government bodies played this role. Changes in the organization of the police were associated with the transition from the traditional rural society to modern urbanized. This required the creation of a professional centrally managed police force. The reform lasted for several decades. It’s important stage – Home office secretary R. Peel′s activity. Currently, efforts are being made to entrust the elected regional and municipal authorities with a new mission in ensuring public security – the exercise of democratic control over the activities of the police. In London this control is carried out by the mayor and the city council – Assembly. Municipal districts coordinate the activities of public services, civil, non-profit organization, business and individual citizens to ensure security in their territory.

Keywords: Greater London, Greater London Administration, boroughs of London, municipal areas of London, public safety, anti-social behavior, Metropolitan Police Administration, Metropolitan Police Authority, MPA, Metropolitan Police District, Metropolitan Police District, MPD, Metropolitan Police Service, Metropolitan Police Service, MPS, Met.

Moscow Lomonosov State University (Russia)

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