DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2023-07-01-07-17

Adrianov A.K.


The article analyzes the publications of three key Egyptian think tanks on the causes, consequences and global context of the Ukrainian crisis, as well as its impact on the Middle Eastern countries and Egypt’s position. The author examines the publications of think tanks that are able to influence foreign policy decisions in Egypt. In this way the author seeks to assess the potential for Egypt changing its position on the Russian SMO, as well as analyse the prevailing views on the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on international relations among the Egyptian expert community. In their publications, the Egyptian think tanks focus on the three key topics: the global context of the Ukrainian crisis and its consequences for the system of international relations, the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on the situation in the Middle East, and Egypt’s position on the Ukrainian crisis. Egyptian experts see the Ukrainian crisis as a manifestation of great-power competition and view it as a starting point for future changes in the world order. At the same time, they clearly see its negative consequences for the economic situation in the Middle Eastern countries and especially in Egypt, however, they highly value the neutral position taken by Cairo

Key words: Middle East, Russian-Egyptian relations, think tanks, Ukraine crisis.

Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies of the Institute for International Studies, MGIMO University (Russia)

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