DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2023-07-01-55-62

Galkina Yu.M.

Women’s Participation in the First World War in the French historiography

The article discusses the evolution and current state of gender studies in relation to the problem of women’s participation in the Great War in French historical science. This issue is relevant for European countries due to the existence of a politically demanded feminist discourse: today women are recognized as full participants in the Great War, without whom victory would not have been possible and who have remained in the shadow of scientific attention for a long time. The demand for gender analysis and the youthfulness of gender studies in modern Russian science makes us turn to patterns that have developed in the European space, it encourages comparative studies of the experience of women’s participation in the Great War, gender representations and the specifics of the political mobilization of both sexes on Russian and European material. The author of the article examines the evolution of gender stories in France since the 1970s and pays considerable attention to the current state of research. The focus is on problems related to the specifics of women’s work, strategies for mobilizing women, specific forms of their participation in the conflict, the attitude of society towards new female roles, and the emotional perception of the war by men and women in France. The author states that modern French historical science is widely focused on the implementation of gender studies, but the key question: whether the Great War led to emancipation is still debatable.

Keywords: women history, World War I, gender, feminism, France, historiography.

Ural Federal University (Russia)

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