№1-2018 — 05

DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2018-02-01-43-54
Ismailova Z.A.
The campaign on struggle against cosmopolitans in historical science in 1949-1953 and the role of  M.V. Nechkina in it
This is the first article among historical works to highlight the role of scholar and historian M.V. Nechkina (1899-1985) during the campaing on struggle against cosmopolitans in historical science in 1948-1953. It shows that the behavior of the historian was unlike in different stages of the campaing, and it reveals the motives of that behavior. Campaing on struggle cosmopolitans divided on two stage – the very keen in 1948-1949, and die away in 1950-1953. The change of Nechkina׳s mind on the disputable issue about significance of joining of non-Russian nations to Russia is also reported on, about movement of muridizm and Shamil. The disputable developed in native historical science in 1947-1953; in 1950 in it entered M.V. Nechkina; she public come forward with own estimation of questionable question next yeas. In 1950-1953 under ideological circumstances the researcher rejected her previous opinion about the issue and worked out a new one.
Keywords: cosmopolitism, textbook, discussion, criticism, muridizm, Shamil, nationalities of Caucasus, tsarizm, Russian people