№1-2018 — 06

DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2018-02-01-55-68
Kirsanov E.V
The city Russia in the demestic history
The article analyzes the research of the works of historians devoted to the research of the city Rosia / Rusia, described in a number of eastern sources. On the issue of temporal and spatial localization of the city Rusia, the positions of historians can be divided into two directions. Representatives of the first direction believe the city of Rusia is a phantom — a contamination of informants about different cities or simply a designation of some other city, the Arab authors are not well known. Researchers of the second direction believe that the city Rusia really existed and is asked about its localization. To the second direction there are relatively many works. Most of the positions of historians on the geographic location of Rusia can be attributed to one of two groups. Historians of the first group place Rusia on the Taman peninsula — as a rule, correlating with the settlement Golubitskaya-1. The second position is to localize the city at the mouth of the Don. Most authors do not give a specific localization, a number of historians associate Rusia with the medieval city Orn (Ornaz, Ornach), described in a number of European sources and Russian chronicles, and both identify with the village Starocherkasskaya, and the third relate Rusia to the settlement Kazachy Erik. The last localization seems most convincing.
Keywords: Ancient Rus, Lower Don, Priazovye, Black Sea, the city of Rusia, the river Rusia, Golubitskaya-1, Kazachy Erik, Ornach.