№1-2018 — 27

Igolnikova I. V.
The labor potential reproduction of the agriculture in the Bryan region as a factor of improving the efficiency of the region economy
To solve the known problems of the agricultural sector of the Russian economy, it is necessary to consider the issue both in a complex and separately in different elements. One of the elements is the labor potential, which in turn is also a system. The article presents a study of the issue of the reproduction of the labor potential of the Bryansk region as a factor in improving the efficiency of the regional economy. The study is based on consideration of available statistical data and analysis of the given indicators. A comprehensive study of the issue shows the relationship of the factors presented. As a result of the research, ways of solving problems are suggested.
Keywords: economy of agriculture, reproduction, labor potential, agro-industrial complex, efficiency, regional development, development, competitiveness, trends.