DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2022-06-03-138-145

Turygin A.A.


The article deals with the early period of the history of the Pan-German league (1891-1939) and the conditions for its emergence according to the memoirs of the German professor of anatomy and pathology Otto Lubarsch (1860-1933). These memoirs, published shortly before his death in 1931 and entitled «The Rich Life of a Scientist: Memories and Experiences, Struggle and Reflections,» also characterize not only Lyubarsh’s academic career. The conditions for the emergence of Pan-Germanism in Germany lies in several previously unexplored aspects noted by Lubarsh: a) the initiative for unification comes from the German academic (university) environment; b) the authors of the appeal to the nation «Germany, wake up!» are on an internship outside of Germany (in Switzerland); c) c) the professional affiliation of the appeal’s authors to the field of medicine is worthy of attention; d) Pan-Germanism arises against the backdrop of criticism of the Reich government. The life story of Lubarsh illustrates the important stages in the transformation of Pan-Germanism in Germany, associated with the dynamics of program goals and objectives, radicalization of ideology, changes in the structure and role of the Pan-German league in German society.

Keywords: Pan-German league, ideology, anti-Semitism, medicine, history of pathology, colonialism, biography, opposition movement.

Kostroma State University (Russia)

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