DOI: 10.22281/2413-9912-2023-07-01-119-130

Mayorov A.A.


The author of this article carried out a comprehensive analysis of a chronologically systematized source base dedicated to the military-political and economic interaction of the Vyatichi ethno-political association with a number of significant actors in the east of the East Europian Plain in the 9th — 10th centuries, such as the Khazar Khaganate, Volga Bulgaria, a hypothetical East Slavic association led Severy and Rus. The purpose of the study is to identify the direct and indirect consequences of the impact of the formations listed above as economic and political structures on the Upper Oka historical region populated by the Vyatichi in the context of constant military and political rivalry. Research materials: medieval Russian chronicles, data from Eastern geographers and travelers, results of archaeological research, numismatics. The methods of complex regional-historical analysis were used in the work. Results and scientific novelty: the analysis of the collected and systematized data suggests the existence of strong economic and political contacts of the Upper Oka region in the face of the Vyatichi ethno-political association with the formations of the east of the East Europian Plain (Khazar Khaganate, Severy’s proto-state association and Volga Bulgaria). Considered in more detail, the Volga Bulgaria, apparently, in the late Khazar and post-Khazar times, acting as the emission and trade center of the region, was the center of attraction for ethno-political associations opposing the Kievan Rurikids. The existence of the Vyatichi Land as an organized autonomous regional formation was facilitated by the presence of direct transport routes between the Upper Oka basin and the Bulgar lands. Conclusions: The existence of state and quasi-state formations in the east and southeast of the East Europian Plain contributed to the preservation of the independence of the Upper Oka Slavic Vyatichi ethno-political association.

Keywords: Upper Oka region, Vyatichi, Volga Bulgaria, Khazaria, trade, money issue, Old Rus, expansion of the Kiev’s Rurikids, political competition and interaction, economic interaction.

Oryol State Agrarian University named after N.V.Parakhin (Russia).

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